About M.W. King

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting me here; it’s so nice to have company. Can I interest you in a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa? Anyway, sit down, make yourself comfortable, and let me introduce myself to anyone who might not have met me before.

I’m M.W. King, a multi-genre author with dreams of writing the next big hit—just like all the other authors out there. While I’m working my way toward my dreams, my goal in writing is to connect with the readers, to make them feel, whether it’s by letting them know they aren’t alone in the world or helping them to see things from another perspective or even to just inspire them. While I have multiple novels in progress (my WIPs), I haven’t completed any yet. YET. They’ll all be completed, eventually, someday. Hopefully.

“So, what do you have published?” you may ask, but if you had let me finish my thought, I would have told you about my amazing short stories that happen to be featured in anthologies! Five of them, to be exact. Two of them are horror-themed, one is an urban fantasy, one is straight-up fantasy, and the most recent is time traveling sci-fi.  You can check those out over in the “Published Stories” section.

Some of you may know me by a different pen name: Michelle Williams-King. That’s the name I use for my children’s book in an effort to keep my adult writing separate from my children’s writing. Currently, the only children’s book I have published is There’s No Such Thing As People. It’s a little story, inspired by my oldest son when he was younger, about a monster who can’t get to sleep because he’s afraid there is a person in his closet. I have more children’s books (also in progress) that I’ll continue working on and keep all of you updated!

As for my personal life, I live in the New England area with my husband and three sons. Most of my time is spent chasing them around and breaking up fights. All four of them make me crazy, but I couldn’t imagine how boring my life would be without them! I just graduated from Boston College this past spring with a bachelor’s degree. It was an accomplishment that felt especially sweet because of the fact that it’s the school I’ve wanted to graduate from since I first found out what college even was. For a while, I thought it was too late for me to get my degree, but thanks to my military veteran benefits, I was able to use the G.I. Bill and finally accomplish that goal.

If you didn’t catch it in that last bit, I’m a veteran. I spent six years in the Navy and moved around a few times while serving. I trained in Great Lakes, IL, went to Goose Creek, SC for Nuclear Engineer training (which didn’t work out), and then to Norfolk, VA for the rest of my time in the military. While I appreciate all the people I met and education I received in the military, I can tell you I don’t miss being enlisted one bit.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I hope you enjoyed your refreshing, possibly caffeinated cuppa. Don’t be a stranger, visit any time! See you around. 👋 😀

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