Trace of the Missing Criminals Announcement

The past few weeks have been exciting!

I’ve been keeping up with my resolution writing goals, and even found time for some extra hobbies. Along with polishing up my recently written short stories and adding on to my novels-in-progress, I have an even more exciting announcement…

Today, on my Facebook author page, I announced that I’ll soon be releasing my first standalone short story! (By standalone, I mean it will be published by itself, not inside of an anthology, and because of Amazon’s minimum page requirements for printed paperbacks, it will be available exclusively as an eBook.) I also revealed the official cover in the same post, which you can see below. The story is a MG level sci-fi mystery. I’m so excited to bring this story to life.

I’ll be publishing it through Imagine House’s imprint and it is currently in the editing stages. In the next few days, I’ll be announcing more details on the story, including the release date and the official summary, so keep your eyes peeled!

Until then…

Happy Writing!

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