Haikus and a Poetry Group

Recently, I launched a poetry group on Facebook with two of my friends, Crystal and Cayce. We named it Allegory Alley, and so far I’m super proud of it. Since it’s still young, we only have a handful of members (about fifteen), but it’s already been such a great inspiration—at least for me. I love seeing the poems that other members have written or poems/poets that members share to tell us what inspires them. If you’re into poetry, check it out!

We have an activity scheduled for every day of the week. Saturdays are days to talk about different types of structures and forms, and last week the topic was haikus. Most of the members posted their own haikus, some members even posted more than one! I, myself, found learning a little about haikus to be very inspiring; maybe it had something to do with how small/short they are. I’ll share my haikus in this post, and please let me know what you think of them!

I haven’t given any of them a title, yet. Feel free to suggest some in the comments. 😉

Slice the potatoes
Drop them in sizzling oil
Repeat with your foes

My heart beats heavy
To an unfamiliar drum
Its craving unknown

I walk on eggshells
Cautious of the fragile glass
Bursting angry shards

Small feet shorter legs
Struggling to keep up with you
The rift between grows

Push through the soil
Leaves reaching for the warm sun
Blossom is beauty

The first one was meant to be a silly joke, but hopefully the others resonate with someone. Can you relate to any of these?

Happy Writing!

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