Published Stories

If you happen to read any of my published stories, please let me know what you think!


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Trace of the Missing Criminals (MG Sci-Fi Mystery)

Self published through Imagine House 2018


There’s No Such Thing As People (Children’s Fiction)

(Michelle Williams-King) 2017

Bedtime is hard for Little Monster, especially when he is afraid of scary things lurking in his closet. His parents try to convince him that there is no such thing as people, but he isn’t so easily convinced…

When Pigs Fly (MG Sci-Fi)

Published by Authors’ Tale Publishing House in Heart of a Child, 2018

In an age where time-traveling is an average, commonplace activity, ten-year-old Lily is going on her first time trip. She chooses to witness a personal event, the moment her parents met, but when she gets distracted by her favorite aunt, she learns an unexpected lesson. And maybe even teaches her aunt something just as important.




Damsel in Distress (Fantasy)

Published by CWPH in Chasing Magic, 2017

When a dragon destroys a citadel and kidnaps the princess, the king becomes desperate to have his daughter back. Oryon decides to take up the quest to save her, even if he is only a shepherd. What he realizes when he finds the dragon is anything but what he expected.



Alice and the Wanderling Academy (Urban Fantasy)

Published by Authors’ Tale Publishing House in Once Upon A Wednesday, 2017

Alison’s past catches up to her in the best way when her long-lost rabbit friend, Walter, screeches up to the curbside and demands that she get in the car. He brings her back to her favorite place, The Wanderling Academy, where she meets up with all of her old, eccentric friends.



Blood & Water (Horror)

Published by CWPH in Twisted Easter Tails, 2016

Taylor has always admired her Yaya and the beautiful redwork painted eggs she makes to sell at Easter time. In fact, as she’s coming up on her high school graduation, the one thing she looks forward to is one day taking over the family business. When her best friend, Natasha, unexpectedly shows up at her door one night, she learns a little too much about Yaya’s business.





Nightmare on the Shelf (Horror)

Published by CWPH in Festive Frights, 2015

Jeremy’s favorite time of the year is Christmas, and why wouldn’t it be? His mother and father make sure every year is more magical than the last. This year, they decide to get him the best new Christmas tradition: a Santa’s Helper Elf. Jeremy realizes quickly that this doll is not what it appears to be, but will anyone believe him before it’s too late?